Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All India Media Teachers Association (Regd.) (AIMTA)

All India Media Teacher’s Association (AIMTA)

Dr. Anil K.Rai ' Ankit', Head, Department of Mass Communicaion, VBS Purvanchal University , Jaunpur, U.P. has been elected General Secretary of All India Media Teacher’s Association (Regd), in a meeting held at Punjabi University, Patiala where 25 delegates from all over India were present.
Dr Harjinder Walia, Head, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Punjabi University, Patiala was elected as the President.
Dr Girja Shankar, Head, Department of Journalism, Agra University and Dr Harish Kumar, Head, Department of Journalism, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak were appointed the Vice President of the Association.
Ms Sapna from Mysore was appointed as the Joint Secretary. Dr Sanjay Mishra, Jaipur; Mr Ashish Diwedi, Jaipur; Sarabjit Singh, PAU, Ludhiana and Ajay Singh Tomar from Gwalior all have been elected as the Executive Members of the Association.
While speaking on the occasion, Dr Walia informed that the chief demand of the Association is to form a Media Council on the patterns of Medical Association of India. Also there should be basic criteria for getting into the media whether print or electronic. The second demand is to revive the Department of Journalism in PAU , Ludhiana . And association will also fight to bring a check on the ongoing discrimination in media education in some Universities of India.

All India Media Teachers Association (Regd.) (AIMTA)
Journalism and Mass Communication teachers who play role of the mentors of the teachers (mass educators/media people) need more than anyone else to keep themselves updated and well equipped with teaching techniques and knowledge of the ever changing media and information technology. Unfortunately Media Teachers of the South Asia do not find any opportunity for improving knowledge of their very strong and influential field. There must be a way out to do something in this regard.
1. AIMTA will work as a platform for the interaction and collaboration between Al1 India Media Teachers of Journalism and Mass Communication.
2. It will promote research and academic activities among its member teachers.
3. Arrange seminars and training workshops for the members.
4. Enhancement of cooperation between the media and media teachers.
5. To bring closer the media teachers of The South Asia for the exchange of their expertise and for involving them in a healthy dialogue.
6. Strive for the media development and Press Freedom.
7. Discuss ethics of media and promote responsible journalism in the South Asia.
8. Strive and plan for converting the South Asian Societies into Information Rich Societies.
9. Create awareness of Media Economy i.e. right use of the media among the people of The South Asian Countries.
10. Strive for the promotion of quality media education and media training.
11. Suggest and encourage the ways to promote professionalism in the media.
12. Strive to keep the syllabi of the media studies updated according to the needs of the time.


S.K.Rinten said...

how can i join the organization
Sudhir K. Rinten
Dy Director
Film Institute of eMITS

S.K.Rinten said...

I will wait for your kind reply

Anonymous said...

Sir Pranam
I have Joined Vardhman Mahaveer Open university Kota Rajasthan in Deptt. of Journalism as Associate Professor and Head.

Dr subodh Agnihotri